How to Choose a Contractor for Roofing My Commercial Building?

The roofer you choose roof determines the outcome of your project. If you need to install a roof on your commercial building, here are top hiring suggestions to remember. Follow these tips if you want to find the best crew on the job.

Look for Credentials

Always start there. What kind of training and background has the company done? How much experience do their roofers have? When you hire commercial roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, be sure to check if they’re licensed, insured, and bonded. If you skip this step and something happens while they’re working on your roof, you could end up being liable for their medical bills. Look for these qualifications before anything else.

Check with the BBB

Not all businesses are members of the Better Business Bureau. That’s already a good sign that the company is trustworthy. But go a step further. Check if there have been complaints filed with the BBB. If the firm has a poor rating with the BBB, it might be best to look for other commercial roofers.

Ask About Their Services

Go over the lineup of the company’s services. Do you want the team to work on installing a new residential roof too? What about maintenance and repairs? A company that offers a maintenance package could take care of your roof’s routine maintenance and repairs. That’s one way to ensure that your new roofing system will last for at least two more decades, if not longer.

Find Out How Long

Get an idea of how long the installation will take. This will depend entirely on your roof, the scope of the project, and whether they need to remove the existing roof or not. A typical residential roofing replacement project might take a day or two. However, yours might take longer if there are other factors that need to be considered.

Talk About Workplace Rules

You’ll want to set up workplace rules. How early can the crew come to work? What entrance or exit points can they use? Be sure to sort these things out. Keep any family members—especially if you have kids or pets—from going to the construction site to prevent problems.

Inquire About COVID-19 Safety

How will the crew protect your household from exposure? Are the contractors vaccinated? What measures does the company and crew take to ensure that they won’t pose a health risk to you or your family?


What Should I Expect from a Roofing Contractor?

Before you hire a roofer, you’ll need to know what to expect. Here are some things that you can look forward to when you hire a roofing contractor.


Hiring seasoned roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, is always a good decision. Pros with years of experience in the field are adept at delivering efficient service levels. That means they can get the job done faster with little to no problems.


Roofers who have worked on numerous roofing projects have industry knowledge and technical expertise. That means they can diagnose the problem properly. They know what signs to look for to determine the source of the problem and come up with the best solutions to get your roof back in shape.


A trustworthy roofing contractor won’t ask you to pay for anything until they’ve checked the condition of your roof. If they ask you for a down payment before they even assess your roofing system, that’s a red flag. An assessment must be made first, so they know what they’re dealing with. Only then can they talk to you about what’s wrong and possible solutions to the problem.


Your roof can provide you with recommendations on how to best deal with a problem. For instance, your roof’s membrane might be damaged. The roofer might offer you a temporary solution—plugging the holes or broken areas. But they will also tell you that the solution won’t last for long. You could either repair a larger portion of the membrane or have a new one installed. Their tips and advice can help you make better decisions involving your roof.

Quality Roofing Products

Experts work with a variety of roofing products. That means they know which products are the best. They won’t skimp on the good ones, too. They recognize the value of using high-quality materials for your roof. These materials can extend the service life of your roofing system. Double-check to make sure they’re using the right materials. Talk to the roofers about that. If it seems like the roofer is trying to cut corners by resorting to cheap options instead, politely decline their offer and hire someone else.

Good Communication

Work with a roofer that communicates with you. They respond to your inquiries and take the time to explain the process to you. If they’re impatient, don’t seem interested, or engaged in the discussion at all, go elsewhere.


What are the Causes of Commercial Roof Leaks?

There are several reasons why water is leaking through your commercial roof. Even with routine maintenance, harsh weather conditions could result in a broken roof, leading to leaks and water damage. Here are some of the common causes of those leaks.

Poor or Zero Drainage

When you hire contractors to install your roof, one of the things they need to plan for is where the water will drain. That’s where gutters, downspouts, drains, and scuppers come in. If those areas aren’t clearly designed, the water won’t drain properly. That could lead to standing water on your roof that could add extra weight to your building. Over time, the accumulated water could seep through and lead to structural damage.

Open Penetration

Your HVAC units, gas lines, drain pipes, and other systems pass through the membrane of the roof. These are vulnerable areas since they’re susceptible to leaks. These could be properly sealed, though, during the installation. If any of these systems are the cause of the leaks, hire repair experts right away. Look for a service provider that offers commercial roof repair in Longmont, CO, to fix the problem.

Damaged Roof Flashings

Roof flashings are installed around conjoining areas like the chimney, roof edges, skylights, and interior walls. However, poor installation could lead to problems. Also, if the flashings have been there for years, aged metal flashing is more at risk of damage. Wind or temperature changes could break the material, resulting in water in your system.

Damaged Membrane

Commercial roof membrane is waterproof. Damage to the membrane, then could lead to numerous problems. The damage could be caused by anything from foot traffic, weather conditions, or mechanical damage. These situations will allow water to leak through the membrane. While a quick patch of the damaged area is a good stop-gap measure, it won’t stand up in the long term. You’ll need to talk to repair contractors about replacing the insulation or large pieces of the membrane so that the repairs will hold up.

Aged Roof

The age of your roof is also a factor. Roofing systems last for an average of about 15 to 20 years. While the lifespan varies, depending on the roof type, the longer your roof has been around, the more at risk it is of damage. While building codes for commercial facilities allow you to install up to 2 roof systems, that might not be a good idea since the added weight of a new system could further damage the existing structure. Talk to a roofing contractor about installing a new one.

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How to Prepare Your Property For The Roofing Project

Replacing or installing a new roof is the best investment for your home. It not only enhances the look, but it can also last for as long as you can own the home. There are steps to follow to get ready for your roofing project and help protect your property.


1. When you order your shingles and deliver them, check the color and notify your supplier if that is not what you wanted.

2. Ensure you inform your mortgage and insurance companies the day of the roofing job. This will speed up the payment and inspection process.

3. Be ready for the noise due to the hammering. In addition, ensure you inform your neighbors.

4. Make arrangements to keep the kids and pets safe due to noise and the risk of accidents.

5. Ensure no items are hanging on walls and shelves. It’s because hammering causes vibrations that can shake items off walls.

6. Remove all items surrounding the house where shingles and roofing debris may fall. These items include potted plants, gardening equipment, patio, and pool furniture.

7. Cover all clothes as dust may fall on the underpart of the decking in your attic to prevent damage.

8. Park your cars, motorcycles, and bicycles away from the driveway. The reason is your contractors will use the driveway to load shingles and clean up.

9. Secure your windows as vibrations from hammering and debris may damage or scratch your windows.

10. Remove your antennas and satellite dishes to make it easy for roofers to work faster. After the roof is installed, you can get a cable provider to reinstall it.

11. Cut the grass around your property to make it easy after installation is done. In addition, also cut the trees and branches that hang low near your roof.

12. Move your outdoor patio furniture. The reason is that the roofers will be dropping debris and shingles, and you don’t want anything broken. Additionally, this will ensure the safety of the roofers working on your roof project.

13. Identify all your power outlets to make it easy for the workers as their equipment needs electricity.

14. Lastly, after all the preparation, schedule a roof installation or replacement if you haven’t. You can either call or visit roofing companies, in Fort Collins CO to schedule a consultation.

Preparing your home for a roof might be challenging. However, it’s essential to protect your assets and enable easy installation. It will help avoid injuries or incurring losses.

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How to find a reputable roofing contractor?

A roof is more than shingles and woods, as many of us expect. It has essential elements that make it a critical part of the house. If your roof is well-built, then it’s most likely, your house is well protected. But every part of your roofing project depends greatly on the kind of contractor you select. Therefore, you must consider your choice of contractor to have a roof that satisfies your needs. However, how do you find the perfect roofing contractor?

1. Check how long they have been in business?

You probably would never allow a contractor who has only worked for one week to fix your roof. You would prefer one that has a long track record of producing quality work. However, most roofing contractors disappear after a while to avoid paying the damages they may cause. Most of them later open under a new name. To avoid being scammed, it would be wise to select a well-known company.

2. Select one that is licensed, bonded, and insured

Roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO have to be insured, licensed, and bonded. You should select one who has all of the three pieces for your protection. You should ask for proof, as if they are legit, they will gladly show you the evidence.

3. Check their past works

Reputation has always been everything to most people. A roofing contractor with a great reputation in their past works will always be the best choice for you. Therefore, you will need to check on the internet to see the reviews from other consumers. This way, you can make your choice so as you will not waste your money.

4. Get your contract in writing

The roofing contractor you select should accept a formal contractor. If not, it would be wise for you to get a new contractor. The contract should indicate roofing materials, payment schedules, and subcontractors. The start and end date of the work should also be indicated, and a list of the materials to be utilized is essentials.

5. Educate yourself

Before the contractor starts his work, take your time to learn what is happening to your roof. Once you understand this, you will have the ability to monitor the work so that the job is done the right way.

6. Be patient, take your time

It may take time to find the right roofing contractor. Therefore, you should do your research, ask for recommendations, and ask about the potential contractor. This way, you will find an experienced roofing contractor who will offer you high-quality services.

When it comes to selecting a roofing contractor, you should take your time and take note of the red flags. This way, you will find the right roofing contractor.

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Can excessive sun exposure damage your roof?

Yes, because sun rays can cause warped shingles. Excessive heat can fold the edges of the shingles in your home and warp your roof. It leads to wear of roofs which means you have to replace them. When you call roofing service, ensure you replace the roof with one resistant to harmful UV rays. So, what type of damage can the sun cause to your roof?

1. Bleaching

Darker rooftops are prone to bleaching after exposure to excess sun. The bleaching effect can affect the color of the material. It can either fade out or turn it completely white. Although bleaching is a cosmetic problem, it leaves your roof looking unattractive. The most vulnerable to bleaching is the wood shake roofing and shingles.

2. Coating Damage

Exposure to the excess sun to Roofing materials like bitumen that require a protective coating can be bad. The rays cause the coating to dry out and become brittle. This limits the roof’s capability to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Due to this, the brittle coat might crack or even break off, leaving your roof exposed to elements. The exposed roof is prone to more damage, such as water and impact damage. It leads to a weak roof shortening its lifespan and integrity.

3. Thermal Shock

When metal roofing experiences extreme heat, it changes in effect, referred to as thermal shock. The effect leads to metal destabilization, which thins the metal resulting in cracks. The cracks establish an entryway for moisture. It leads to moss growth, roof leakage, and rotting of the support under the metal roof. Additionally, it also results in brittle metal roofs. This means the metal roof will not protect your home from heavy rain, hail, and debris. So, how do you prevent excess sun exposure damage?

How to Prevent Extensive Sun Exposure Damage on your roof?

You cannot stop sunlight, so you can prevent your roof from being damaged. You only have one alternative, which is to improve the lifespan of your roof by proper maintenance and regular inspection. To reflect most radiations, you can use reflective paints and shining metal sheets. You can also use natural materials such as terracotta, clay, or slate. If your home has old shingles, you can contact roofing contractors in Loveland, CO, for roof repair services.

Protecting your home from sun rays may seem impossible. However, some professionals know the dangers of the sun on roofs. So, you can contact them to help pick the best roofing material that suits your area.

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How to choose a roofing contractor

Are you looking for a roofing contractor, and you are confused? Hiring one begins with asking for recommendations. However, you will have to check the requirements of roofing contractors in your state. Although price is key, make sure you choose a contractor who will offer a standard roof installation. But before installation, here are things you need to ask and check.

1. The period they have been in business

No one wants to hire someone fresh in the market for any job. So, why pick a contractor with no experience? Surprisingly, freshers in the industry are known for disappearing and avoiding paying for damages. However, they later reopen under a new name months later. To avoid this, look at Fort Collins CO roofing contractors with years of experience and a good reputation, then pick the best one.

2. Double-check their insurance and licenses

Roofing is a dangerous job, and it’s recommended to be done by an expert. When roofing, it’s essential to have the right materials, tools, safety equipment, and experience. Creditable contractors have the right permits and licenses for all the jobs they perform. Additionally, they have insurance to cover their workers in case of accidents. So, when hiring contractors, ensure they can provide the right insurance for their workers.

3. Check their previous jobs.

Reputation is the key seller for most service-providing businesses. However, with technology, it’s easy to find reviews on the internet of business from people who have used their services in the past. So before hiring, please do thorough research. You can ask the company for a list of homeowners they have worked with, and you can call. However, you can check online for information about the company’s previous jobs.

4. Knowing the price is not the only thing that matters

If you have done a renovation project in the past, you know you are supposed to get three estimates or more. To get a competent roofing company, spend time talking to potential companies to get all the information you need. After you are satisfied, you have all the information, then make a decision.

5. Ensure you get financing agreements in agreement

Anything done during the roofing process should be professionally put in writing. The reason is to understand the financing terms. A reputable company will give you an informed worker to explain the contract and answer any questions about the payment. This means no part of the agreement should be understandable.

So, if you are planning to renovate your roof make sure you have done your research. In addition, ensure the company you hire has the proper licenses and insurance to cover workers in case of accidents.

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How to remove snow safely from your rooftop

It’s another time of the year, and the winter season is almost here. Have you thought of the weight of the snow accumulating on your roof? If your roof is a slight pitch or flat, you have probably thought about it. But have you thought of a safe way to remove snow from the roof? So, here are a few tips to ensure safety when doing snow removal.

1. Make sure snow doesn’t build up

Please don’t wait for a mountain of snow to build up to clear it. The less snow there is, the easier it is to remove. However, it will lower the risks of accidents and injuries. On the other hand, clearing your roof regularly will help prevent problems.

Find the right time Before you clear the snow off:

  • Check the weather.
  • Always avoid extreme cold and heavy winds, which increase the possibility of frostbites.
  • Be careful in warm spells, which can change snow to ice, causing falls or cuts. If you are in Loveland CO and can’t do it yourself, hire professionals from roofing companies to help.

2. Work as a team for safety

When removing snow, find a partner rather than doing it alone. It not only helps you work faster, but it’s also safer. For instance, your partner can hold the ladder in place if you want to climb. In addition, your partner can also help in case of an accident.

3. Have the right tools for the job

Do you know how much difference the right tool can make in any job? Forget using metal shovels and scrapers as they can damage the roof covering and result in serious injuries. To avoid all this, choose tools made for clearing roofs, such as Snowpeeler telescopic snow rake. This tool is safe and faster.

4. Ensure you fit beforehand

Snow removal is a physical activity, and you need to be fit before clearing it. It’s advisable to go for a run, walk or do a warm-up. This will get your muscles stretched and increase your heart rate. It will help you get prepared physically and avoid back and muscle pain.

5. Establish a safety buffer

Before starting the process, make sure you know where the snow will be landing. Set a perimeter and ensure nobody is near it. You can use colored sticks or high-visibility rope to mark your perimeter.

6. For extra safety work from the ground, if possible

To avoid accidents like falls, it’s recommended to work from the ground as much as you can. You can use a PolarMade telescopic snow rake which is equipped with sharp blades. It makes it easier to slice through snow, using gravity to clear it onto the robust snow slide.

These are the tips to remember for your safety when clearing snow from your roof.

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Preparing your roof for winter

When it’s winter, your roof should shield and insulate your home. So, during the fall, you should prepare to guard your roof from destruction. Clear all the trash, and ensure you inspect your roof in the spring and fall. To get ready for winter, here is what you have to do.

1. Trim and get rid of hanging branches

Trees add shield to homes from sunshine during summer. However, they can also destroy your roof in winter in times of heavy snowstorms. Branches can scrape and bend your roof on impact. But before shaving and getting rid of hanging trees, consult a professional (an arborist). This expert knows the regulations for tree cutting in your area and will help protect your home in an eco-friendly manner.

2. Discard dirt, leaves, and debri

Over spring and fall, your roof may accumulate dirt and rubble. The rubble can hold moisture, dirt, and leaves and can clog your drains and grow mold. When you clean rubble from your roof, there will be good water drainage shielding the structure of your roof. So, during the fall, prepare your roof for debris accumulation by fitting protectors or screens. Ensure you clean your roof twice annually as caution. Use thick gloves or get a trained roofer when picking debris to avoid being hurt.

3. Inspect your roof

Before winter, as a homeowner, ensure you have inspected your roof. Look for an expert to help you do the inspection. Here are the things you should inspect:

  • Shingles: The expert will inspect for missing, damaged, or improperly installed shingles. If the shingles are broken, they will repair them.
  • Flashing: Shingles is thin metal sheet that surrounds roof features like chimneys to block leaks. Your expert will look if your flashing is bent or rusted.
  • Valleys: It’s the most vulnerable area of the roof, especially in winter. The roofer will ensure your valleys are well installed and are in good condition. The roofer will collect your gutters and look for leakages and misaligned ones. In addition, they will look at the sealants and ensure it’s not cracked and dry. If you are in Fort Collins and need a Fort Collins, you can hire a professional since they already know what they are doing and will save you money in the long-haul.

4. Inspect your attic and install ventilation

The attic is a crucial part to focus on while inspecting your roof during winter. It can cause the formation of ice dams on your roof and cause damage and energy waste. If your attic is not well insulated or has no proper ventilation, the heat will escape, and cold air comes in. It will increase your heating needs, utility bills, and energy waste. So, ensure your attic has a good covering and ventilation system that allows air to circulate freely.

Preparing your roof for winter is vital for your home maintenance. It protects your home from elements, so inspecting it will keep it in good shape.

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Advances in roofing technology

Roofs haven’t always been what we see today. Back in the day, thatched roofs were common, and it’s only years later when King John ordered that they be replaced with clay roofs due to fires, that roofing technology began to evolve. Today, thanks to technology, you can utilize any roofing style. Let’s take a closer look at exactly how tech has influenced roofing.

1. Roofs are more eco-friendly.

These roofs are said to offer a conducive environment for plants to grow in. they have a waterproof layer, a drainage system, and a root barrier. What sets them apart is the growing medium for plants that can include much larger plants and water features. Once installed, there should be no leakages, especially when waterproofing is done correctly.

2. Solar friendly roofing

Solar panels are a great option to reduce your utility bills and have renewable energy all year round. Traditionally, these panels were installed on your racks which were problematic for some people. Thanks to technology, solar-friendly roofs allow you to install your solar panels directly to your roof through the solar tiles or singles. Roofing companies in Loveland, CO, that have been in the market for a long time will easily install these for you.

3. Cool roof for cooler homes

Summer is one of the hottest months of the year. While you want to spend it at the beach, you may also need to entertain at home, which may cause your bill to spike due to using cooling systems. That’s where cool roofs come in. This type of roof reflects light and absorbs less heat compared to traditional roofs. This means your home remains cooler, which reduces your utility bills.

4. Synthetic roofing

This type of roofing is life and money-saver for many homeowners. First, when you install them. Nobody will tell the difference between your roof and your neighbors because they will look as great as traditional roofs. Secondly, they are lighter and more durable, which is why they are so popular. This is besides the fact that they are also cheaper and will thus, save you money.

5. Fireproof roofing

These roofs give your home added protection against combustion. They usually contain volcanic rocks, which are said to draw the heat from the fire into the rock and essentially weaken the flame. This slows down the fire.

Technology has made roofing more durable, affordable, and lighter. Although most of these roofs cost more, they are also more energy-efficient, saving you on energy costs.

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Things you should know about your roof as a homeowner

Possessing a home comes with many benefits and equally plenty of responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is caring for your roof. That’s because if left unmaintained, a damaged roof could lead to the destruction of your home. In turn, that leads to another problem, unnecessary, expensive repair bills.

What other things should you know about your roof as a homeowner? What should you do to take care of it? Well, you’re about to find out that, and more.

Some knowledge of roofing

Elements that wear your roof are extreme temperatures, sunshine, how long moisture stays stagnant on the roof, pests, and so on.

Inspect your roof, valleys, and gutters often, especially during spring and fall. Winters in the city of Longmont, CO, have freezing temperatures and feet of snow. Ice damming is a big problem that occurs in such cold climates. The water will stall and back up into the shingles and seep into your house. So, you have to get that standing snow off the roof.

Gutters collect plenty of leaves, branches, and other debris. Debris in the gutters has to be brushed off regularly. Otherwise, it may decay, cause algae, or clog. Also, the water has nowhere to flow and stays blocked in the gutter. Worse still, the water can back up from the gutter and seep underneath the shingles, causing them to rot and come off.

Good thing it doesn’t have to get to that. There are simple tools you can purchase to easily clean out the gutter yourself.

You know that you need roof repair if the shingles are curling, lifting, or falling off.

If your gutters have lots of granules from roofing shingles, your roof is aging. Knowing the lifespan of your roof is also critical.

Algae, fungus, and lichen are destructive biological growths that appear as unsightly green stuff.
Rusting will occur naturally in metal roofs and furnace pipes. So to remove it, use a wire brush, prime, then paint over.

Trim nearby tree branches if they’re getting too long. They might scratch the roof or act as a bridge for pests.
You know your roof is leaking if you either find dark spots, stains, or mold on windows, walls, or ceilings. Once you see that, know that there is serious damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Check the seals on all pipe flashings. Within a few years, the black rubber at the base (flashing) starts to disintegrate. The small cracks created allow water to seep into your attic.

Also, if you notice exposed nail heads, know they must be sealed off with silicone soon. Visible nail heads are fine, but exposed nail heads are dangerous. Water can follow through the nail, through the shingle and the wood, and finally to your attic. You can find exposed nail heads at the bottom of box vents, furnace pipes, pipe jacks, and skylights.

Lastly, schedule yearly inspections and maintenance from professional roofing companies or representatives.
So, regardless of whether you’re a first-time homeowner or a long-time one, you have to know all about your roof and how to maintain it. That way, it can function as well as it was intended.

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What To Search For In A Roof When You’re Buying A Home

The most important investment you can make is in your rest. Rest equals peace of mind and security. That’s what you think of when it comes to your dream home.

The roof protects the entire house. That’s why it’s the most important part of a home. It has to sustain you and give you the security you need. Not only would you consider architectural functionality, but also style.

So, invest in your roof and find out all you need to explore before making that purchase in Loveland, CO.
Roofing conditions to consider

As a potential homeowner, you can either buy a house with old roofing that’s still effective or a new one. Either way, here are the things you should look out for in your dream home’s roofing:

Ask the seller if there’s a warranty and if it’s transferable. Inquire if there’s any paperwork that was left behind. That way, you can have a link to when the roof was last done.

Look for any deterioration or corrosion

You can scan for age if there’s any crumbling down of grit/ curled shingles. As the shingles age, they lose the adhesive that’s at the edges of the tab.

Check for any imperfections or defects, leaks, or structural issues. Also, look out for little water spots on the ceilings of the rooms inside that show water damage.

Check for any moss, algae growth, or lichen on the roofing tiles.

Tree debris on the roof becomes acidic as it decomposes. So, the roof components below the decay age faster than the rest of the areas. Also, untrimmed tree branches growing near the roof might act as bridges for rodents. Therefore, be on the lookout for that.

Scan the gutters and downpipes for any trapped water, leaves, or dirt build-up. Further, understand what cleaning solutions are best for the roof material you have.

Know your material. The material has to be right for the environment. For example, if you’re in a salty coastal region, you don’t want metal roofing systems. The material will also determine durability, flammability, and how well the roof buffers noises. Material and colors also suggest whether the roof will reflect or absorb heat.

Look for blocked vents, which can cause inadequate ventilation. Blockage from frost will allow humidity to get in the attic.

Have experienced roofing contractors or a roofing company. They will estimate how many years you might have out of the roof. During the inspections, there might be some unexpected repairs uncovered. But, regular maintenance goes a long way to prevent major problems.

Try and visit when it’s raining. That way, you’re in an excellent position to inspect the roof’s weather durability during harsh climate conditions.

Finally, seek information from people living in the neighborhood. Their roofing experiences might give plenty of insight.

Your roof’s purpose is to protect all the valuable assets below it, including you. Looking at a house for sale requires knowing and being at the top of every current condition. It’s a buyer beware situation. That way, you can know what, if any, are the maintenance steps and costs you might need to budget and prepare for.

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