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How to Prepare Your Property For The Roofing Project

Replacing or installing a new roof is the best investment for your home. It not only enhances the look, but it can also last for as long as you can own the home. There are steps to follow to get ready for your roofing project and help protect your property.


1. When you order your shingles and deliver them, check the color and notify your supplier if that is not what you wanted.

2. Ensure you inform your mortgage and insurance companies the day of the roofing job. This will speed up the payment and inspection process.

3. Be ready for the noise due to the hammering. In addition, ensure you inform your neighbors.

4. Make arrangements to keep the kids and pets safe due to noise and the risk of accidents.

5. Ensure no items are hanging on walls and shelves. It’s because hammering causes vibrations that can shake items off walls.

6. Remove all items surrounding the house where shingles and roofing debris may fall. These items include potted plants, gardening equipment, patio, and pool furniture.

7. Cover all clothes as dust may fall on the underpart of the decking in your attic to prevent damage.

8. Park your cars, motorcycles, and bicycles away from the driveway. The reason is your contractors will use the driveway to load shingles and clean up.

9. Secure your windows as vibrations from hammering and debris may damage or scratch your windows.

10. Remove your antennas and satellite dishes to make it easy for roofers to work faster. After the roof is installed, you can get a cable provider to reinstall it.

11. Cut the grass around your property to make it easy after installation is done. In addition, also cut the trees and branches that hang low near your roof.

12. Move your outdoor patio furniture. The reason is that the roofers will be dropping debris and shingles, and you don’t want anything broken. Additionally, this will ensure the safety of the roofers working on your roof project.

13. Identify all your power outlets to make it easy for the workers as their equipment needs electricity.

14. Lastly, after all the preparation, schedule a roof installation or replacement if you haven’t. You can either call or visit roofing companies, in Fort Collins CO to schedule a consultation.

Preparing your home for a roof might be challenging. However, it’s essential to protect your assets and enable easy installation. It will help avoid injuries or incurring losses.

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