Preventing Problems with Roof Ventilation
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Preventing Problems with Roof Ventilation

Preventing Problems with Roof Ventilation

If you want to make sure your roof lasts longer, then there must be proper ventilation. However, it’s not always easy to recognize the signs of poor ventilation in the roof. In that case, you could end up shelling out money for a hefty repair bill. Here’s a list of steps that you can take to prevent roof ventilation issues that could drain your wallet dry.

Why Does it Matter?

Roof ventilation affects your home’s cooling as well as heating system. As such, it also impacts your electricity bill. Basically, if there’s continuous airflow through the attic, that helps remove the moisture as well as overheated air. That’s what creates the ‘stuffy’ feel in a room. Regular airflow keeps moisture at bay and prevents the formation of mold and bacteria that causes mildew along the walls.

Which Company Do I Hire?

If you have a problem with your ventilation, you’ll want to start checking out roofing companies in Loveland, CO. Pick a crew with a trusted reputation. Are they experts in the field? Does it employ staff with the proper credentials? Be sure to look at the specialization of the firm. Meaning, does the company specialize in preventing, dealing with, and managing roof repair, installation, and roof ventilation problems? Then that’s a good place to start.

What are the Common Problems?

If there’s accumulated heat and moisture in the attic, that could lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Both could lead to severe health issues, especially for people who might have existing respiratory problems. Another problem caused by poor ventilation in the roof are ice dams, rusting, sagging of the deck as well as hot and cold spots. Hot and cold spots mean there’s inadequate or uneven distribution of the air. Sometimes, this means that the unit might not be enough to cover the entire room or area. Sometimes, it means that there’s poor ventilation, so there’s poor circulation of the air.

How to Maintain the Roof?

Cleaning the roof helps. Clear the debris and dirt off. Don’t use just about any cleaning solutions you find, though. Check with the manufacturer. What cleaning solutions work best with that material? That way, you won’t accidentally use solutions with chemicals that might turn out to be corrosive to your roofing system. The best way to ensure results, though, is to hire pros. They have the knowledge, gear, and experience to get the job done in the quickest and safest way possible.

What Can Damage Your Roof?
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What Can Damage Your Roof?

What Can Damage Your Roof?

Few property owners spare a thought for their roofing systems. As soon as you move into the home, they focus on their exteriors and interiors. But, because the roof is often out of sight, it’s easier to forget about maintaining that part of the home. That is, until something happens. Don’t wait until a leak springs before you pay attention to yours. Here are some of the things that damage your roof and what you can do to prevent them.

Not Recognizing the Signs

Start looking for reputable roofing companies in Fort Collins, CO, as soon as you see signs that your roof is in danger. That’s the wise thing to do. However, not everyone recognizes the signs that their roof is in trouble. To make that possible, read up on the common signs of roof problems. That way, as soon as you see the signs, you’ll recognize them and know what they mean. You can call for help right away.

Dismissing the Signs

Some property owners, though, know that the signs mean trouble. But they put off calling the pros for help. Sometimes, they’re too busy to schedule roof repair. Sometimes, they forget. Some of them think that the problem will simply go away. And for a time, they might. At least, that’s what it might seem like. By the time these property owners realize that the problem never went away, it might already be costly to repair, and could even lead to a premature roof replacement. That’s why it’s best to get help as soon as possible the moment you see the signs. Don’t put them off.

Not Cleaning the Roof

Your roof needs to be cleaned regularly. The amount of dirt and debris that could have accumulated on your roof over the years adds weight to the material. That extra weight could compromise the integrity of your home’s structure. Cleaning the roof thoroughly, including its gutters and rains, will ensure there’s zero added weight to your roofing system.

Choosing Cheap Rates

When you look for pros to handle the repair work or even the installation of a new roof, make sure you pick a reputable crew. Look at the background of the firm. The longer it’s been around, the better. Check out all its other credentials. How about its contractors? Are they licensed to work in your area? They should be. By hiring trusted pros, you can expect stellar results.

Worst Ideas for Protecting Your Roof
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Worst Ideas for Protecting Your Roof

Worst Ideas for Protecting Your Roof

Spare yourself from making bad roofing decisions. You might think you’re doing a lot to protect your roof, but you might actually be contributing to the damage. Find out what you’re doing wrong. Avoid any of the worst ideas on this list if you don’t want to end up spending money for a premature roof replacement.

Using Pressure Hoses

We get it. You want to clean your roof. But if you keep using a pressure hose to clean the shingles, that could actually lead to extensive damage. The pressure could hurt your roof or even compromise the material of your roof. Different materials have different cleaning methods. Consult with and hire roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, to clean the roof instead. Pros have the knowledge, gear, and equipment to ensure the roof isn’t damaged in any way.

Not Maintaining Your Trees

Are there trees around your property? During a storm, debris could get on your roof. A pile of heavy branches, though, could be dangerous, as it could damage the roof. Also, if your roof already has existing problems, the combined weight of all the debris that has accumulated over the years could lead to a collapse. Prevent that unfortunate scenario by trimming the branches of your trees.

Clean the Gutters and Drains

By now, you already know that any added weight to your roofing system could be detrimental over time. That’s why you want to eliminate any extra weight that could compromise your roof. That’s why it’s important to have your gutters and drains cleaned regularly. Failure to maintain the gutter and drains lead to leakage and rot as it traps the water up there. With nowhere to go, the accumulated water adds pressure to parts of your roof. That’s how some leaks happen.

DIY Cleaning Methods

It’s not easy to clean your roof. You might think all it takes is to use the same cleaning solutions that you would on parts of your house. But your lack of knowledge could lead to bad results. Some cleaning solutions could be bad for the material of your roof and end up creating more damage instead of just washing the dirt away. Talk to pros to handle this for you to prevent any problems.

DIY Installation

With so many How-To videos and guides, a lot of property owners think they can do the installation themselves. But if you’ve got a steep roof, have little to no knowledge and experience, you could end up in an accident. You could also make mistakes that could affect the lifespan of your roof, so hire pros.

5 Important Residential Roofing Tips for Homeowners
Residential Roofing

5 Important Residential Roofing Tips for Homeowners

5 Important Residential Roofing Tips for Homeowners

Replacing a roof is costly. Sadly, a lot of property owners know next to nothing about maintaining their roofing systems. If you want to make sure your roof lasts longer, then here are maintenance tips to keep in mind. With this checklist, you can prevent a ton of damage to your roof.

Check Your Shingles Regularly

Check your shingles. You don’t have to keep climbing the roof just to see the state of your shingles, though. Use binoculars if that’s possible. Be on the lookout for any missing, curling, and cracked shingles. You’ll want to look for any indications of missing granules or peeling or flashing shingles, too. However, if your roof isn’t designed that way, it might be better to call in pros for this.

Hire the Right Crew

Do your homework and look for a reputable team to handle this task for you. Check the firm’s background. How long has it been since the business started? What kind of credentials does the firm have? What about its staff? Find a firm that’s known for employing seasoned roofing contractors in Loveland, CO.

Check for Leaks

Another way to check for any damage is to go up your roof on a sunny day. Does the light get through anywhere? If it does, that’s a bit of bad news as it means that you have a leak. You’ll want to call in roof repair specialists to fix that as soon as possible. Don’t wait until that hole gets bigger before you do something. By that time, it could cost you so much more already.

Wash the Roof

Dirt accumulates over time. Imagine how much dirt and dust are on your roof if you’ve never bothered to clean it the moment it was up. However, not all roofing systems are safe. If you have little to no knowledge of this, get professionals to clean your roof. They know the best tools to use to make the process easier. They also know what safety rules to follow and what gear to wear to protect themselves and prevent any accidents.

Trim Overhanging Branches

Branches could get to your roof if the trees are tall enough. A particularly bad storm could get debris up your roof and that could lead to pressure. More pressure bearing on your roof or the support beam will damage the structural integrity of your house and lead to extensive damage. Trim the branches to prevent that. Also, hire pros to clear the debris from your roof after a storm.

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Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

Benefits of Having a Professional Roof Inspection to Assess Storm Damage

Storms can deal heavy damage to your roof. If your roof is already more than 20 years old or so, then it’s wise to hire pros to inspect your roof. Just make sure you pick a trusted crew. Here are some of the best benefits you’ll get from paying for that service.

Determine Extent of the Damage

It’s not easy for people with little to no training to determine the amount of damage that your roof has sustained. Pros well experienced in roof repair in Loveland, CO, though, have the knowledge and expertise to know what to look out for. They know what the signs mean. That is, if your roof is no longer any good. Because they can tell the amount of damage, they can prescribe the best course of action.

Pays Attention to the Smallest Details

The good thing about hiring pros to look at your roof is that they won’t leave any stone unturned. A good crew will always be thorough. If the storm cause even the smallest issues, they’ll know. And by knowing, they can take steps to nip those problems in the bud. From small leaks to a few damaged shingles, they can prevent those problems from snowballing into bigger ones.

Helps with Your Insurance Claims

A professional inspection after a storm is a huge help when it’s time to file your insurance claim. Insurance companies ask for pictures along with proof that your roof has been damaged and an inspection makes all that work a breeze. Also, pros often provide an estimate of how much the damage amounts to, which helps you file reports that are certified by professional, licensed roofers. Your insurance company won’t be able to deny any of your claims, then.

Prevents the Roof from Collapsing

The biggest benefit, of course, is to keep the roof from collapsing over your head. Some property owners ignore these problem, thinking that they’ll go away. But that “out of sight, out of mind” logic is dangerous and risky. If the roof has sustained extensive damage, the household should know. Otherwise, the roof might give out sooner than any of you might think. Prevent that worst-case scenario by getting pros to investigate the state of your roof.

Saves You Money

Pros prevent the issues from worsening, helps you maintain your roof so it’ll last longer, and so keeps you from spending your money on a premature replacement. If you want to improve your roof’s lifespan, hire pros for an inspection.

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Asphalt Shingle Styles for Residential Roofing

Asphalt Shingle Styles for Residential Roofing

Across the country, the most popular type of shingle for residential roofing is the asphalt shingle. Over the years, technology has dramatically increased the quality, durability, and style choices of asphalt shingles. While quality and durability are the most important factors, the style of asphalt shingle you choose for your home can have a dramatic impact on your home’s curb appeal and visual aesthetic.

There are three main styles of asphalt shingles: Three-tab shingles, Dimensional shingles (also called Architectural or Laminate), and Luxury or Premium shingles. Below, we’ve outlined each of the three styles to help you make an informed decision on your next roofing project.

Three-tab shingles.

Three tab shingles are the most basic of the shingle roofing options. They are made using a durable fiberglass base mat coated with various kinds of mineral granules, which gives each piece slightly varying color tones. The main benefits of this shingle type are its clean horizontal appearance and its affordability. Additionally, these shingles can be fairly durable in the right conditions and with proper care, lasting up to 20 years depending on the brand used. However, there are not many aesthetic options other than color and there is a potential for having shingle blow-off in areas prone to high winds.

Dimensional asphalt shingles.

Dimensional shingles, also referred to as Architectural or Laminate shingles are extremely durable, especially when compared to Three-Tab shingles. The numerous shapes and colors give your roof a multi-dimensional appearance that can last up to 30 years or longer. While a more expensive up-front option, this shingle type provides a solution that is not only longer lasting, but also more visually appealing with regards to visual aesthetic and curb appeal. Dimensional shingles are made of two or more layers and deliver higher durability than their cheaper three-tab cousins, which allows for their longer lifespan and, typically, a much better product warranty.

Luxury Shingles.

Luxury (or Premium) shingles are the most expensive asphalt shingle style on the market but are a fraction of the cost of the natural slate or cedar shake shingles they are designed to replicate. Because these shingles are asphalt, they are much easier to install than their natural counterparts, further adding to the cost savings. This shingle type is ideal for homes designed to a specific aesthetic or period-style homes that require more interest on their roofs than simple protection from the elements. These shingles create interest from shadows and varying depth due to the natural slate or shake design and shape. Additionally, these shingles are a much heavier option than the other two asphalt options and can weigh up to twice as much as 3-tab shingles. This added weight adds to their durability, and is reflected in the material warranty they carry, which is the highest available for asphalt shingles.

Each of these asphalt shingle styles offers a variety of pros and cons. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective roof for your home, or something to add dimension to your curb appeal and set your home apart, Blue Frog Roofing can install your roof with our signature quality craftsmanship.

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Insurance and Your Roof

Here at Blue Frog Roofing Ltd. we understand that the process of filing and collecting on an insurance claim can be both difficult and time consuming. While this article won’t give you exact answers to your insurance related questions (those are usually best answered by a representative from your insurance company), we CAN help you to understand what the process looks like when you work with our company.

  • We Do the Work For You. One of the many services Blue Frog Roofing Ltd. offers is our insurance supplementation service. With your approval, we will work with your insurance company on your behalf . To start, we will provide you with a document to fill out regarding your insurance policy and its coverage in relation to your roof. * This gives you the opportunity to call your insurance company and obtain the necessary details for a clear understanding of coverage. This can be done before or after an insurance claim is filed.
  • Meeting Your Adjuster. In some cases, our roof technicians may have the opportunity to meet with your insurance adjuster on site. This is usually the case when you call us to inspect your roof prior to filing an insurance claim. When the adjuster calls to schedule an inspection, simply let your roof technician know when that appointment will be. During that appointment, we take the time to ensure that your adjuster understands local city codes and addresses all the necessary requirements to get your roof replaced.
  • Claim Review and Approval. Once your claim has been filed and approved, we will review the claim to ensure that all items required by local and international residential construction codes are addressed by your insurance company. Due to the wide variance from state to state and even city to city regarding roofing codes and requirements, it is not uncommon for your insurance company to miss a few of the details that are required by code for your roof replacement. If any items are found to be missing, we will, with your permission, work with your insurance company on your behalf to address these items.
  • Releasing Insurance Funds. Initially, your insurance company will release the Actual Cash Value (ACV) amount to you for your claim, which is the value of your damaged items in their current state. As your insurance company approves any additional supplements, they may release additional funds for these supplemented items. If your policy has Replacement Cost Value (RCV) Coverage, insurance will release Recoverable Depreciation (remaining cash approved for completed repairs) upon completion of the project. *
  • Project Completion and Invoicing. Upon project completion and finalization of supplement work with your insurance company, Blue Frog Roofing Ltd. will provide you with an invoice for work completed on your property. Any previous payments will be reflected on the invoice. Our invoices provide detailed explanations of the work completed and of your insurance estimate, leaving you with a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

While the insurance process can seem bit intimidating, we are here to help every step of the way. From filing claims to the releasing of insurance funds, we make every effort to help you understand the process along the way and ensure that you feel taken care of.

*Insurance policies and coverage amounts may differ. Blue Frog Roofing Ltd. cannot guarantee and is not responsible for your policy or its coverage of the contracted work or any items required by law. Please contact your insurance company for more details and a complete understanding of coverage for your policy. This post does not represent a guarantee of insurance coverage for contracted work. The information above is provided as a general overview of the process and may not be specific to your project.

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Preparing For a New Roof

How to Prepare Your Property For Your Roofing Project

We all know how important it is to be prepared: for a test, for bad weather, or for your wedding day! The same can be said about a roof installation or roof replacement. Our company prepares for your job by understanding the scope of your project, taking measurements and ordering materials, and scheduling crews to complete the work. However, it is just as vital that you, the property owner, prepare as well.

It is important to remember that your roof replacement or installation is a major construction process that will affect not only the roof of your home, but the entire property. The project involves heavy items and multi-person crews and there will be lots of movement, debris, and loud noises. Below are 3 helpful preparation points to make sure you are prepared for your project.

  1. Exterior Property Preparation. On the day prior to installation, you will want to make sure your property is prepared for this major construction process.
    • Allow for Access. It is necessary to leave the closest access points to your home open to our crews. Do not park your car in the driveway or garage after 5:00 PM on the day prior to install in order to avoid being unintentionally blocked in. Crews will be bringing trailers to haul project debris which will be parked in your driveway or at the nearest access point to your property (in some cases where no driveway is available, the closest access point may be the street or alleyway). These trailers will be delivered either on the evening prior, or as early as 6:30 AM installation day.
    • Remove Outdoor Decor and Furniture. We encourage customers to remove any valuable outdoor items around the exterior of your home. This includes outdoor décor, small statues, hanging plants, string lights, potted plants, outdoor furniture, or other items. While this may seem a bit of a hassle, it is the best way to avoid accidental damage and allow our construction crews clear access to your roof in order to do their jobs effectively and efficiently.
  2. Interior Property Preparation. Even though construction is happening outside, it is just as important to take necessary precautions inside your property.
    • Wall Mounted Valuables. If you have any significant or valuable items on shelves or hanging on the walls in your home, you may want to take them down for the day to avoid the possibility that the movement on your roof may cause them to shift.
    • Below Skylights. If you are having skylights replaced, we recommend moving or covering any furniture or items that may be directly below the skylights. While this is a rare occurrence, it is possible that debris may fall through the openings during the replacement process.
  3. Preparing Household Members. Major construction can have a significant affect on the members of your household, such as children, pets, or elderly family members.
    • No Outdoor Play/Activity. We do not recommend allowing pets or children outside during construction or prior to cleanup. There will be debris, nails, tools, and other potentially dangerous items throughout the property. Taking walks or heading to a nearby park are great ways to get children or pets out for some fresh air.
    • Loud Noises Can Be Disruptive. Due to the tools, materials, and crews producing loud noises, we always encourage our customers to please consider how this process will affect members of your household and prepare accordingly. In some instances, it may be good to head to the home of a family member or friend if you feel the noise and activity outside may be overwhelming.

Understanding the points above and taking steps to ensure that your exterior property, your interior property, and your household are prepared for your project will help your project tremendously. Not only will you know what to expect, but you will help our crews to work efficiently and enable them to focus on bringing our signature quality craftsmanship to your project.

A premier roofing company serving Colorado and Southern Wyoming. We strive to provide premium products and quality craftsmanship to all residential and commercial customers.

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