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Can excessive sun exposure damage your roof?

Yes, because sun rays can cause warped shingles. Excessive heat can fold the edges of the shingles in your home and warp your roof. It leads to wear of roofs which means you have to replace them. When you call roofing service, ensure you replace the roof with one resistant to harmful UV rays. So, what type of damage can the sun cause to your roof?

1. Bleaching

Darker rooftops are prone to bleaching after exposure to excess sun. The bleaching effect can affect the color of the material. It can either fade out or turn it completely white. Although bleaching is a cosmetic problem, it leaves your roof looking unattractive. The most vulnerable to bleaching is the wood shake roofing and shingles.

2. Coating Damage

Exposure to the excess sun to Roofing materials like bitumen that require a protective coating can be bad. The rays cause the coating to dry out and become brittle. This limits the roof’s capability to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Due to this, the brittle coat might crack or even break off, leaving your roof exposed to elements. The exposed roof is prone to more damage, such as water and impact damage. It leads to a weak roof shortening its lifespan and integrity.

3. Thermal Shock

When metal roofing experiences extreme heat, it changes in effect, referred to as thermal shock. The effect leads to metal destabilization, which thins the metal resulting in cracks. The cracks establish an entryway for moisture. It leads to moss growth, roof leakage, and rotting of the support under the metal roof. Additionally, it also results in brittle metal roofs. This means the metal roof will not protect your home from heavy rain, hail, and debris. So, how do you prevent excess sun exposure damage?

How to Prevent Extensive Sun Exposure Damage on your roof?

You cannot stop sunlight, so you can prevent your roof from being damaged. You only have one alternative, which is to improve the lifespan of your roof by proper maintenance and regular inspection. To reflect most radiations, you can use reflective paints and shining metal sheets. You can also use natural materials such as terracotta, clay, or slate. If your home has old shingles, you can contact roofing contractors in Loveland, CO, for roof repair services.

Protecting your home from sun rays may seem impossible. However, some professionals know the dangers of the sun on roofs. So, you can contact them to help pick the best roofing material that suits your area.

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