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The 4 Do’s and Don’ts of a Commercial Roof Self-Inspection

Regular observation of a commercial building’s roofing systems ensures that it maintains good condition, helping the building owner identify potential problems early and help avoid emergency repairs. Though there is great value in having a commercial roofing contractor perform a roof inspection, there are several things a business owner can inspect on their own. Before you complete an inspection yourself, there are a few key things to know.

Be Aware of Safety Hazards

A commercial roof inspection can be a dangerous job and should be done using all the necessary safety precautions. As you move around the roof, be aware of the location of skylights, stay away from the edges, and watch for any roof penetrations or compromised roof deck. If you notice anything amiss, contact a commercial roofing company before further investigating it yourself.

Clear Your Roof

As you inspect your roof, it’s critical to remove debris and unclog drains to give you a clear picture of the condition. Pay attention to even the smallest changes to the condition of the roof. If you notice any, call a commercial roofer for additional inspection.

Avoid Voiding Your Warranty

Before you get started, get familiar with the terms of any warranty on your roof. It’s easy to do something seemingly minor that could void any warranty coverage you have. While a simple inspection isn’t likely to void your warranty, completing even a minor commercial roof repair in Longmont, CO yourself could result in warranty issues. Leave any repairs, no matter how small, to professionals that provide commercial roofing services.

Don’t Violate OSHA Regulations

OSHA regulations are in place to keep your employees safe. However, when working on the roof, you’re creating a new job site that involves even more OSHA regulations, some of which you may not be aware of. Review the related regulations before completing an inspection to determine if it’s worth the risk.

It’s also important to keep in mind that it’s easy for property owners without roofing experience to miss small problems. That’s why routine professional inspections are still necessary to address problems before they become more significant. If you’re looking for a professional roof inspection or need commercial roof repair in Longmont, CO, contact us to schedule your service.

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