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What Is the Best Time of Year to Have Your Roof Replaced?

When you need to replace commercial roofing systems, one of the first questions you might have is when is the best time of year to complete this service. While the answer often varies depending on your location, certain times are generally better than others. Here is some information about the seasonality of commercial roofing services.

Fall Is Peak Season

Fall is the peak season for a commercial roofing contractor. Many companies are scrambling at this time of year to take advantage of the remaining good weather to prepare their commercial property for the winter season. In addition to more moderate temperatures and weather conditions, there are typically no harsh fluctuations between days. Unfortunately, this means fall is an extremely busy time for commercial roofing companies.

Spring Is a Good Alternative

If you want to beat the fall rush, the second-best time of year for commercial roofing replacements is the spring. Spring has similar weather conditions as the fall but may have some more significant temperature fluctuations or more rain, causing scheduling to be more of a challenge. However, spring is an excellent time to inspect your commercial building roof for any damage caused during the winter months. Business owners can schedule a roof inspection for water damage or to see if a commercial roof repair is needed.

If you’re interested in scheduling your commercial roof replacement in Fort Collins, CO, contact us to learn more about when you should get your roof replaced.


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