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What to Ask a Roofing Contractor?

Whether you’re hiring pros for repairs or roof replacement, make sure you’re on the same page with the crew. Before you reach out to a roofer, note down a list of questions you’ll want to ask before you green-light the project. Here’s a list we prepared to help you come up with yours.

Do You Need to Inspect Areas of My Home? Which Ones?

When you hire a roofing service provider, the company will usually send someone to assess your property. They do this to determine the challenges they’ll encounter during the project. They will factor that into their estimate, among other things.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

A trustworthy team of roofing contractors in Fort Collins, CO, will have years of experience in the field. They have credentials and must be licensed to do the job. Find out if they’ve worked on similar roofing systems and properties before. That knowledge and their skill will ensure the repair or roof replacement will proceed as safely and efficiently as possible.

May I Get a Detailed Breakdown of the Costs?

Don’t hesitate to ask for a detailed breakdown of the expenses. Check if there are any bogus additions to the breakdown. Some contractors might try to pad your total by adding fake expenses, so be on the lookout for those. And some errors might be the result of an honest mistake, so keep that in mind when you talk to the roofing company.

What Kind of Materials Will You Use?

There are two ways to go about this. You can buy the materials yourself. However, contractors can get those materials at a much lower cost. You might want to ask them about that. If you check the shop and look at the cost that the roofing company charges you for the materials, consider if there’s a big gap. Don’t forget to check if the company is using high-quality materials or trying to cut corners by charging you high rates only to use low-cost options for the project.

How Much Will the Roof Removal Cost?

If you’re hiring them to remove the existing roof, how much will that add to your total? What services will that charge cover? Will they dispose of the debris, too? Sort that out with them.

Are You Insured, Licensed, and Bonded?

That’s one of the questions you never want to skip. Bonded, licensed, and insured means that if an accident happens, you won’t be liable for the medical costs of the contractor. A single medical bill could wipe out your entire savings, so asking this beforehand can save you a lot of trouble and grief.

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