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How Often Should You Clean Your Roof?

Cleaning your roof is essential to your home’s upkeep. Waterlogged debris can add weight to the roof, and that could lead to leaks. Leaks could result in structural damage over time. In the aftermath of extreme weather conditions, your roof may be damaged, too. Cleaning your roof keeps it in excellent condition, so it will last longer.

When Do You Clean Your Roof?

The roof must be cleaned within the first five years from the day it was installed. After that, you can have it cleaned every two to three years. However, homes near the beach or busy roads are exposed to more dust. You need to call in the cleaners more often. That applies, too, if you live near the airport, production facilities, or a warehouse. But cleaning a roof, even a low one, comes with safety risks. You’re better off hiring roofing contractors in Fort Collins to handle the work.

Why Hire Roofers to Clean Your Roof?

Roofers have the training, skills, and experience to get the job done and done right. They have the tools and equipment to make the work go faster, so you can expect efficient results. If you’re on a timetable and want that cleaning job finished as soon as possible, get pros. If you choose a DIY approach, you may be ill-equipped to handle the problems that come with working at a great height.

Why are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning?

Upkeep is the most important. But here’s a list of all the other reasons you should clean your roof and often. By the time you finish the list, you’ll understand why you need to hire experts for roof cleaning in Fort Collins more frequently.

  • Algae, moss, and even plants growing on your roof mean there’s moisture. Continued moss and algae growth will result in further moisture that can gradually break down your asphalt shingles. That’s damage to your roof that can’t be restored. You’ll need to replace those shingles. But if the damage is extensive, affecting rows and chunks of shingles, you may need to consider replacing your roof.
  • Storm debris can leave behind twigs, branches, leaves, muck, and more on your roof. That can find its way into cracks or crevices of your roofing shingles and tiles. Eventually, the debris will loosen the fit and get into those areas, which can lead to leaks. If you start seeing leaks in your attic, it’s time to get the pros. Ask experts to carry out a thorough inspection of your roof. Hire a company that offers roof inspection in Fort Collins.
  • Older homes require roof cleaning to make your roof last longer.
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