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Common Causes of Roof Damage and How to Prevent Them

In Colorado, the cost to replace a roof is about $3,600 to $21,000. Not everyone has that kind of money lying around. But there are easy ways to prevent roof damage so extensive that you’ll need to have a new one installed. Here’s a look at common causes of roof damage and how you can prevent these issues in the first place.

Aging Shingles

If your roof is more than thirty years old, your aging shingles are a sign that your roof needs to go. Replacing weak, brittle, and old shingles is the smart solution. Get pros to replace the affected shingles if the damage isn’t too extensive. There may still be a chance that your roof can be saved.

Water + Cold Temperatures

Moisture is a huge problem for homes. If moisture gets into your roof through leaks, that could lead to structural damage. Plus, cold and hot temperatures or temperature changes can also impact the material of your roof. Before further damage happens, hire pros to fix those problems. Look for experts in roof repair in Longmont, CO. Check if they have qualifications and credentials. That’s one way to make sure you get someone who knows what they’re doing.

Wind and Storms

Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and high winds are a test to the durability of your shingles. But years of withstanding extreme weather conditions mean they won’t last forever. Maintenance can help. A crew of experts that carry out roof maintenance in Longmont, CO, can take better care of your roof and nip problems in the bud.

Improper Installation

Installing the roof is a task for professionals. That’s why hiring trustworthy pros with years of experience is a must. They know how to do the work properly, so that means less stress and frustrations for you. If you hire a team that lacks training or skill, you’re more likely to end up with problems from improper installation.

Know the Signs

There are plenty of ways to prevent damage to your roof. Cleaning your roof, routine maintenance and inspections, timely repairs—all those things will help. But there’s a limit to what repairs can do. If you keep spending money on frequent repairs, it’s time to consider browsing for new and updated roofing systems in Longmont, CO. It may be best to invest in a new roof. A replacement is a better use for your funds than throwing money out the window with frequent repairs.


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