Relationship Focused Business

Here at Blue Frog Roofing, we put a strong focus on building trusting relationships with everyone we come into contact with: employees, customers, and crew members. We want to enable our employees to be successful and build a strong company from the inside out. As a result, employees and crew members strive to provide excellent service and craftsmanship every time, giving our customers confidence that they will be happy with the outcome of their project.

John Sokoll

President & CEO

As owner and president of this company, John provides tremendous leadership and experience. With an extensive construction background and a history in business ownership, business finance, and previous CEO roles, John's knowledge provides clear direction and an executive understanding of running a successful construction company. In addition, his past experience in association management allows for a unique understanding of association projects, and he has made efforts to design the company's project management systems with this knowledge in mind.

When it comes to the company as a whole, John's goal is to enable employees to be successful by providing them with the tools necessary to complete their projects at the highest level of operation. Leading by example, he understand the importance of working alongside employees to provide quality roofing services and excellent customer service.

Team member

Stephanie Kelly

Accounting & HR

Kyle Dennee

Kyle Dennee

Roof Technician

Jade Sokoll

Claims Specialist & Marketing

Samuel Martinez

Project Supervisor

Thadd Corlett

Commercial Estimating & Project Management

Lane Joseph

Large Loss Project Manager & Sales